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Patrice Bisiot

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"You ONLY have a nanosecond to make a life lasting impression".

Discover the scale to Build YOUR Brand!

To be Brand Ready, you need to identify the difference between purposeful and hopeful. From 1 to 5, Image Impact Index' scale is your evaluation to master alignment between emotions and appearance.

How to simply determine authenticity, value and point of view.

5 Measurable Categories






-20 °
No style.
0 °
Conservative Design.
0 °
Perfect Balnance.
0 °
Liberal Design.
0 °

5 Steps from 0° - 180°.

Each category determines the Branding accuracy.

With a center score of 90° as
Brand precise execution.

How close are you to 90?

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The Official Seal of Impact

Score between a 77 & 103 to qualify to move on to Round 2! 

Never judgement, only assessment. Find out how aligned your message is with the visuals you deliver on a daily basis. 

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Clarity of Purpose

Patrice Bisiot offers weekly personal challenges which he monitors personally! This private group offers insider knowledge and frequent LIVE appearances from Patrice's and his team.